Today we celebrate our 200th post! This new landmark in our history seems a good time both to reflect on the growth of so far and also to thank the many people that have helped us continually evolve and expand.

       Founded by Darren Paul Thompson at the start of 2012 with a simple website and the goal of pooling together the best of the burgeoning (but seemingly fragmented) spoken-word scene,'s journey began.

       Though our tentative first steps into the dynamic and exciting artistic movement were only to collect and highlight favourite examples of existing spoken-word videos, a transition soon began in which saw itself shifting from just a content-collator to, additionally, a content-creator as well. Event coverage in the Bristol area (with the occasional excursion to London) soon became a regular occurrence and exclusive collaborative videos with performers opened a further exciting new area of expansion.

       Over time, the forging of links with a wealth of generous, enthusiastic and uber-talented performers, event programmers, photographers and journalists has gifted platform (including it's two major website upgrades) with a continued progression that's seen it become bigger and stronger than was initially ever imagined.

       We would we like to thank everybody that has visited our website, read/watched/shared our content, contacted us and in any way contributed to the journey so far. We'd also like to thank the inspiring performers that sparked our imagination initially and have continually stoked the creative and motivational fires within us since. Particular thanks goes out to the following people...


- 'Word of Mouth' and Byron Vincent

- Bristol Old Vic and Sharon Clark

- Tangent Books and Richard Jones

- 'Blahblahblah' and Anna Freeman

- The dozens of talented performers we've filmed, photographed, interviewed and collaborated with.

       Moving forward, we're now more enraptured by the spoken-word scene than ever; the quality and quantity of content created both in the UK and globally seems to be reaching ever-higher levels, whilst it's cultural impact and critical acclaim is building with an exhilarating pace.

       In order for to continue growing and offering more value to as many people as possible, we'll be looking for extra people to join us to invest hard-work, skills and enthusiasm in the building of an ever-improving, ever-more-exciting platform that benefits all involved.

       If you've helped us so far, thank you! If we can help you grow with the use of our platform, do let us know! 


Here's to the next 100 posts!