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        Having brought his lively mix of genres and styles to Bristol before, the multi-talented Scroobius Pip is in town again this weekend, though this time he’s concentrating exclusively on ‘spoken-word’.

        With his musical accompaniment left behind and full emphasis placed on the words and their delivery, his performance will no doubt be typically entertaining, but also perhaps quite different for those who have only heard his work with Dan Le Sac or his recent solo album 'Distraction Pieces'.

        Stripped-down and raw as a medium, spoken-word leaves no curtains to hide behind; this is the time to really see what Pip can do.

        Supported by the esteemed duo of Kate Tempest and Polarbear, this Sunday evening promises to be a fascinating dip into the intelligent sub-culture that's gaining an increasing prominence as word of mouth continues to spread amongst those ‘in the know’.


Darren Paul Thompson

Image: Craig Thomas