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       On Friday 7th June, ‘The Bard of Salford’ returns to Bristol for an evening of lexical delicacies at the Colston Hall. After rising to prominence in the punk-rock era of the late 1970s, poet John Cooper Clarke is a law unto himself and this promises to be an evening like no other.

       Having honed his eloquent trade at folk and cabaret clubs during his formative years in Manchester, Clarke developed a name for his scathingly satirical and hilarious performances. Drilling out lines at a mesmerising pace in a distinctive monotone drawl, Clarke’s seminal style drew parallels with the ethos behind the rising punk movement. Breaking into mainstream consciousness, he soon emerged as a figurehead amongst the radical stirrings, writing poems that many connected with during a time where discontent bubbled beneath the surface of society.

       In his long and esteemed career as a lyrical revolutionary, Clarke has appeared on the same illustrious bills as The Clash, The Fall, Sex Pistols and many other revered acts. He’s also released four studio albums, the most successful of which, ‘Snap, Crackle and Bop’, reached number 26 in the charts. Clarke’s significance, however, has always been embedded in the underground scene and he’s often been viewed as the voice of a generation.

       Following the decline of punk, Clarke fell into the obscurity of heroin during the 1980s; this murky decade saw him withdraw both artistically and literally from the public eye. Those days have now thankfully passed and the beginning of the 21st century has seen the charismatic raconteur return to the stage while also appearing in film and television, most recently as a guest on the BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You.’  Immortalised in the history books, several of Clarke’s poems now appear in the GCSE syllabus, treating new generations to the work of this incredibly talented lyricist.

       Blurring the lines between stand-up comedy and performance poetry to maximum effect, John Cooper Clarke is a slice of history that cannot be missed.


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